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One of the best things about the Magimix Cook Expert is that you are able to update your machine's software for free. This means that when new functions are launched, there is no need to purchase a new machine. All you have to do is update your software to enjoy the new programs. 

How do I know if I have the latest software?

To check if your Cook Expert has the latest software, simply go in to the COOKING program and look for STIR FRY. If your machines does not have the stir fry program, then you will need to update it. 

What is in the latest Cook Expert software?

The latest (2019) software now includes:

  • 160 degrees Celsius browning program 
  • 4-hour simmer
  • Accessory specific programs (XXL Steamer and Dough Hook)
  • Enhanced safety features


  • The blade rotates and stops when the soup function is started for better flavour
  • You can now go up to 110 degrees Celsius on the Beaten Egg Whites function 
  • Quieter rinsing
  • Heat indicator - when the temperature reaches above 60 degrees Celsius, the thermometer turns red

How do I update my Cook Expert?

  1. Download the two update files. Go to PRODUCTS > COOK EXPERT and find the Attachments
  2. Follow the instructions on this video

For further questions, have a look at our FAQs

Happy cooking!

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