Here you will find a lot of frequently asked questions regarding the use and the maintenance of your equipment as well as safeguards.



1- Recommendations for using the citrus press

  • position the arm before switching the machine on
  • lightly press on the arm until the juice is completely extracted
  • to avoid any splashing, switch the machine off before lifting back the arm
  • for grapefruit, release the pressure slightly from time to time for better extraction

2- Recommendations for juice extraction

  • it is not necessary to peel the fruit or remove the pips, except for fruit/vegetables with thick skin (e.g. pineapple, banana, etc.) or fruit with large seeds (e.g. melon)
  • always remove the stone from fruit such as peach, apricot, cherry etc
  • keep appliance running without interruption until its work is completed
  • if fruit or vegetables is too wide to place in the feedtube, cut fruit or vegetables into small pieces, so the juice will be extracted more thoroughly
  • for best results, press gently to allow the fruit/vegetables against the grater
  • after putting in last pieces of fruit or vegetables keep the appliance running for a few extra seconds so that all the juice is completely extracted. Then switch off.

3- Juice extractor basket starts to vibrate slightly during operation

this indicates that the distribution of residue in the basket has lead to unbalance. Stop the machine and empty the juice extractor basket. Then resume normally.


1- Cleaning

  • the spout flips out to allow easy cleaning of the rubber valve
  • to unclip the arm from the citrus press, pull the clip at the bottom of the basket
  • it is recommended that the removable parts are washed immediately after use, as the pulp is difficult to remove when dry
  • the short side of the spatula can be used to run around the inside of the juice extractor basket to remove the worst of the residual material. DO NOT knock the rim of the juice extractor basket on the edge of the sink/bin to remove the fibres, as this will cause the rim to crack
  • the basket can then be rinsed under a running tap to remove the residue
  • a washing up brush can be used to poke any remaining fibres out of the holes in the juice extractor basket
  • the removable parts can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher using a short programme at about 50 degrees centigrade
  • do not put the motor unit into water. Unplug it, then wipe it with a damp cloth. Avoid abrasive products such as metal scouring pads


1- Safeguards

  • SmoothieMix: Never use this attachment for juicing hard fruit and vegetables (carrots, coconut, etc.), as you may damage your appliance.
  • Never insert a foreign object – or your fingers - into the feed tube. Always use the pusher supplied.
  • Wait for the juicer basket to come to a complete standstill before unlocking the lid.
  • Put discs (if using the kit) and juice extractor basket with caution.