Mushroom risotto

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RATING : 9 rates

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Author : Desiree Tanya Sarah

this was extremely easy for my first run using my cook expert. I would only be able to wat this as a side dish rather than a main as it is very dense.

Author : MyMagimixer

I add bacon and red capsicum at the beginning and cook with the onion, then include asparagus towards the end. Absolutely love this, it cooks so well in the CE.

Author : LittleLisa

Very tasty! I've made this one twice and both times needed about 25 2 minutes rather than the suggested 18 2 minutes.

Author : Sabrina Foley

Wow! Totally impressed and in aww at the taste, texture and simplicity in such a short period of prep/cooking time. Well done Magimix

Author : dumbc00k

very good texture!just missing the suggestion of pepper.

Author : woodend

Very good meal

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COOKING : 25 min

RATING : 9 rates

You can rate or comment on this recipe via our App

RESTING : 0 min





300 g fresh mushrooms

30 g grated Parmesan cheese

1 onion

2 tblsp olive oil

320 g risotto rice (e.g. arborio or carnaroli)

100 ml dry white wine

700 ml water

1 cube vegetable stock

50 g beurre

  • 1- Cut onion into four and place in bowl. Run EXPERT programme, 15 seconds/speed 13 (without heating).
  • 2- Scrape onion into middle, add olive oil and run EXPERT programme, 3 minutes/speed 3/120°C.
  • 3- Add rice and washed and sliced mushrooms, then run EXPERT programme, 3 minutes/speed 3/120°C.  After 1 minute, add wine through opening.
  • 4- Then add water and stock cube (already mixed) and run EXPERT programme, 18 minutes/speed 2A/100°C. If necessary, add a few minutes to cooking time.
  • 5- At end of programme, add butter and Parmesan cheese then run EXPERT programme, 2 minutes/speed 2A/100°C.

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