Poke Bowls

By Vanessa Campbell - Magimix Consultant

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COOKING : 5 min

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500 g salmon or your protein of choice

100 g spinach and rocket or base of choice

2 carrots

2 capsicums

1 cucumber

1 radish

1 red onion

2 avocadoes

1 pack cherry tomatoes

1 beetroot

100 g frozen edamame beans

1 bunch coriander

Wasabi mayo or Sriracha mayo to top

  • 1- Boil 500mls of water in a kettle. Pour the boiled water into the metal bowl. Option: if you are using corn, add the corn in with the boiling water. Fit internal steamer on top. Add your protein of choice. In this case, we used marinated salmon (ginger, soy & garlic). Set to STEAM function 5mins/no speed/ 120C.
  • 2- Whilst the steam function is going, prepare the rest of your poke bowl ingredients. Peel carrots- prep cucumber- prep baby capsicums- chop ends of beetroot and peel- prep avocado
  • 3- When steaming program has finished, flip your salmon. Pop the lid back on and let it sit to continue cooking. Remove metal bowl from the base with the salmon still cooking inside. Set the metal bowl aside.
  • 4- Fit the food processor bowls onto the base. It's time to process our vegetables! Use the slicing and grating discs depending on how you like your vegetables. TIP: if using beetroot, do it last for easier washing up.
  • 5- In your bowl, layer your base (greens, vermicelli noodles, etc.), your vegetables, and add your protein on top.
  • 6- Pop your sauce of choice in a Glad bag. Snip off a corner to be able to make your own piping bag!

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