Red Chicken Curry

By Vanessa Campbell - Magimix Consultant

Recipe Red Chicken Curry Cook Expert Magimix

RATING : 2 rates

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Author : BelLazz

Super tasty and easy to make! even the kids loved it!

Author : Paul at the Crag

wow ! so easy and tasty curry. Best curry I made, this will be a favourite now to cook for dinner when I get home after work and need to produce a dinner in less than 30 minutes.

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COOKING : 25 min

RATING : 2 rates

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RESTING : 0 min





2 Tbsp red curry paste

400 ml coconut cream

4 chicken breasts, diced

600 g pumpkin, diced

4 pcs kaffir lime leaves

100 g green beans

1 Tbsp lime juice

1 Tbsp fish sauce

2 tsp brown sugar

fresh basil

steamed jasmine rice

  • 1- Add Coconut Cream and red curry paste in metal bowl. Take cap off and keep it off for the duration of the recipe. On EXPERT, set to 4 mins, speed 3, on 100C.
  • 2- When finished, add chicken and pumpkin. Add your beans if you like them well cooked. On EXPERT, set timer for 20 mins if your beans are already in, 10mins if not, speed1A, at 110C.
  • 3- If your beans are not in yet, put them in after 10 mins and set the machine again for another 10 mins on the same setting.
  • 4- When finished, add lime, fish sauce and brown sugar. Set for 30secs on the same setting, just to stir.
  • 5- Serve on rice and top with basil.

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