Your appliance has been made with extreme care and is of excellent quality. However, should any defects or genuine manufacturing faults occur within 30 days of purchase, the product must be returned to the retailer. Outside of 30 days, please contact Magimix Australia directly on 1300 624 469 or

Before taking it to be repaired, we recommend that you read the instructions for use, consult the Magimix website's Frequently Asked Questions and/or contact Magimix customer care to avoid unnecessary travel. A list of approved service agents is available on the Magimix website.  

This guarantee covers both parts and labour of new machines and is effective from the date of purchase. The motor of the food processors, Cook Expert, blenders and the juicers are guaranteed for 30 years* (comprising the motor, ie stator, rotor, bushings, relay and capacitor) and the parts and electrics for 3 years against genuine manufacturing faults. If you wish to claim under this guarantee, you will need to provide a proof of purchase.

The guarantee period commences from the original date of purchase and will not be extended due to any claims made during this period.

This guarantee does not cover any damage resulting from :

  • A fall or impact Incorrect handling not in compliance with the instructions for use
  • Insufficient aftercare or cleaning
  • The use of abrasive detergents unsuitable for plastic items
  • The product being connected to an electrical power supply with a voltage different to that shown on the identification plate
  • External events (fire, flood, etc.)
  • Commercial use (including small offices)

The manufacturer's warranty covers the cost of repairing a product recognised as being defective, to restore it to the original specifications and includes labour and the replacement of any defective parts. Magimix can replace a defective product instead of repairing it. Magimix's obligations under the warranty are limited exclusively to the repair or replacement of the product set out above. 

This guarantee is valid only in the country of purchase or in such other countries where Magimix sells the same model with identical specifications. 

The guarantee proposed by Magimix does not preclude the application of country-specific regulations when they are more favourable. 

*Food processors and Juicers purchased after 1st of February 2012, blenders purchased after 1st of September 2020 (purchase proof).